TOOELE, Utah (ABC4) – A 77-year-old ammunition box used in WWII was found in Tooele and it had some choice words for Adolf Hitler.

The Tooele Army Depot tweeted out a photo of the ammunition box containing .50 caliber bullets with the message “May the contents of this box of blow the s*** out of Hitler.”

The Tooele Army Depot sent out a tweet explaining the find saying,

“Sorry for the salty language, but when that message was scribbled inside a box of .50 cal rounds 77 years ago, we were a nation at war. The demil furnace crew found the message while destroying rounds from #WWII. We are eager to see what else they find. #greatestgeneration,” the Tooele Army Depot said in a tweet.

According to Jeremy Laird, Public Affairs Officer for the Tooele Army Depot, the ammunition box was produced in the Ogden Arsenal in 1944.

The depot was established in 1942 and currently serves as a facility to store, demilitarize, and distribute ammunition to all four branches of the armed forces.

The depot said in a tweet that they have set the box aside and plan on making it into a display.