A career crime fighter took a final bow Thursday and ABC4.com wanted you to meet him!

Veterans Affairs Police Officer Ron Downey says his partner knows his job and has performed it with excellence.

“Max is here for drug detection and deterrence,” Downey said. “People seeing that he’s here, knowing that he can sniff out drugs and that he can find stuff, that’s a blessing for us, because it does help keep the V.A. drug-free.” 

Thursday, as the man Max has been leading around at the end of his leash walked into the press conference with him, Max demonstrated once again that he can do what few humans can do. He was cool, calm and collected, under the bright spotlight of the TV cameras.

“My faithful service dog, Max, is going to be retiring today,” Downey told reporters.  

His human fans and friends let Max lick them, even on their lips, despite knowing where that snout has been. And Max, with what looked like a reluctant expression on his face, let the humans kiss him, despite not knowing where theirs had been.

And when the press conference was over, Max looked around the room, then laid on the carpeted floor and lowered his snout to his paws, as if he were contemplating the change from crime fighter, to living a dog’s life. His handler, Officer Downey, tells ABC4 that Max will live that life as a member of his family as soon as the adoption is finished.

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