OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – An Ogden neighborhood is recovering after a massive fire at a construction site Monday evening.

“It was a giant fireball the whole street looked like it was on fire,” My Mechanic owner Steve Lunt says.

The fire quickly spread destroying Lunt’s business and two others, five homes, and several vehicles. Crews extinguished the flames and say everyone is accounted for.

Lunt is left assessing the damage.

“I am pretty sad but its life,” Lunt says. “I had a couple Harleys in there that are custom built I’m hoping that they will be alright”.

The fire burned so hot it melted a garbage can across the street from the fire and damaged two Ogden fire trucks.

“We have a couple vehicles in the back that the heat from the fire melted the vehicles,” Lunt says.

What caused the fire is under investigation, but according to the Deputy Fire Chief a person of interest from a separate Monday afternoon fire, down the road from the apartment construction site, is being questioned.

Damages estimated upwards of $3 million for the entire block.

Lunt thanks the 80 plus fire personnel that helped put the flames out.

Two residents and one firefighter were taken to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.