SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – When Jeremy Hauck killed his mother in 2006, he put her body in a freezer and told authorities he was hearing voices. He said those voices told him his mother was a demon and ordered him to kill her. Hauck was a teenager at the time. Now, he says he is on medication and ready to be out in the real world. 

Hauck’s attorney asked a judge to grant him conditional release, pointing out the last 11 years Hauck has been completely compliant and earned additional privileges. Those privileges include going on independent outings like riding his bike to McDonalds. 

His attorney argues if someone is deemed not guilty by reason of insanity and they are able to be restored, they deserve the opportunity of conditional release. 

The state disagreed, arguing Hauck is a risk and innocent people could get hurt. 

During Friday’s proceedings, Hauck’s attorney said they are flexible and willing to do what the court thinks is necessary in order for him to be released, including monthly reports, drug testing and making sure he stays on his medications. 

The judge ended the proceedings stating he would take it under advisement and plans to make a ruling in the next few weeks.