Man, shot and killed in West Jordan, released from jail this week over a mistake

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WEST JORDAN, Utah (News4Utah) – After a 22-year-old man was killed by police during a domestic violence call, questions are being raised about why that man was out of jail in the first place.

“If they had filed the paperwork correctly, he would be alive,” said Lex Scott with Black Lives Matter Utah.

Last week, Diamonte Riviore was jailed over a domestic violence incident when police say he threatened his estranged girlfriend with a knife.

“Diamonte shouldn’t have been on the streets,” said Scott.

Riviore was booked last Friday; the district attorney has 72 hours to file charges.

And, by Tuesday morning, District Attorney Sim Gill says they’d done just that.

“It was ready to go, well in advance of the release, the police department was notified. And nobody came to pick it up til the 11th. It was ready to go on the 9th,” said Gill.

West Jordan police say they’re not making an excuse, but they say something similar is happening multiple times a week. They say it would be far more convenient to sign electronically than to have an officer or detective drive to Salt Lake for a signature.

“Someone is dead because they didn’t want to drive to Salt Lake City? Is not an excuse,” said Scott.

Around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Riviore went free. Two days later, police arrived in West Jordan as police say he was threatening his girlfriend with a knife and wouldn’t put it down.

Police say he wouldn’t cooperate, even after being tased, and he was shot and killed.

“Black Lives Matter Utah does not support domestic abusers, in any way shape or form. Our goal is that people will make it to court,” said Scott.

A West Jordan Police spokesperson told News4Utah that they and other police agencies are hoping to get a system of electronic filing through the District Attorney’s Office.

They say the current system is too susceptible to human error.

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