SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – A man sexually assaulted a woman who was exercising along Sandy Parkway early in June, according to Sandy Police.

The victim states that on June 8, she was “speed walking” on Sandy Pkwy. as she says she has done “many times in the past,” when she noticed a man drive past her “several times” in a black Ford Mustang.

The suspect, now identified as 20-year-old Heriberto Perez Morales, reportedly then pulled his vehicle into a parking lot of a closed business.

Morales was allegedly seated in the front passenger seat with the door open, and when the victim passed, attempted to engage her in conversation.

Once the victim had taken her ear buds out, Morales asked her for her phone number, to which she refused.

After she refused, Morales allegedly pulled out three $100 bills and offered to “buy her phone number.”

According to the statement of probable cause, the victim once again refused to share her phone number, but Morales continued to be insistent. He reportedly then asked her for directions to a business, but she did not know where the business was located.

Morales continued, according to the statement, asking the victim if she was married, to which she responded “yes.” Morales allegedly apologized, and she put her ear buds back in and continued her walk.

The victim states that after a few seconds, she felt Morales tapping her on her left shoulder, and that he then attempted to buy her phone number again, claiming that he had a “fantasy” he wanted to fulfill.

Morales allegedly asked “what she would do” for $300, and the victim told him that he would have to take his fantasy elsewhere.

The victim says that Morales started making “forceful” demands for her to show him her intimate body parts before reaching out and putting his hand inside her “low-cut exercise top, groping her left breast.” He allegedly placed his other hand in between her legs.

After quickly pulling away from his grasp, the victim says she began running northbound on Sandy Pkwy. and called 911, providing them with a description of Morales and his black Ford Mustang.

The victim later positively identified Morales in a photo lineup.

The suspect now faces two counts of Forcible Sexual Abuse (a Second Degree Felony).