Man searches for missing dog, chases woman with axe in Southern Utah

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SAINT GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – A man is under lock and key after chasing a woman with an axe and threatening to kill her and her family in a St. George parking lot, Sunday.

On April 25, St. George City Police Officers were dispatched to South River Road for reports of a man running after a woman with an axe in a Lowe’s Home Improvement parking lot.

Upon arrival, officers say the man, 39-year-old Derrick Don White, was found near the area and admitted to swinging the axe around in frustration.

According to arresting documents, it all started after the victim discovered White in the parking lot yelling about his missing dog and hurling an axe.

“The complainant told White to calm down and that she was calling the police because she was concerned he was going to harm someone,” St. George officers share.

As the complainant advised White to calm down, he erupted in anger and threatened to murder her children, yelling that he has going to “kill her ****** kids”, then, immediately after, he began chasing her around in the Lowe’s parking lot, officers say.

“The complainant reported she was afraid for her life because of White’s actions,” officials add.

According to the St. George Police Department, there were also several witnesses who saw White chopping the leaves off a nearby tree and yelling and screaming profanities about his missing dog. They also observed White run towards the complainant with the axe while yelling at her.

Arresting documents share that a male witness then stepped in between White and the complainant to prevent White from harming her.

Surveillance video was also obtained by the police department which depicted White running aggressively towards the woman in the area, officers say.

As law enforcement began taking White into custody, White denied any intention of harming the complainant but did say he was going to, “kill that ********,” for getting involved in his business.

Arresting documents share that White admitted to using the hatchet to take out his frustrations for his missing dog on the tree. White also confirmed he was angry with the complainant for calling the police and for following him, so he ran towards her.

Officers say White was booked into the Purgatory Correctional Facility for disorderly intoxication, criminal mischief, possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, and third-degree aggravated assault.

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