Man points gun at family: ‘I’m going to shoot you all back to Mexico’

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A man is being accused of pointing a gun at his neighbors and saying, “I’m going to shoot you all back to Mexico.”

It happened, police say, in early October near 800 West and 800 South.

Neighbor James Booth, according to court documents, was outside — yelling and swearing at a neighbor in the neighboring home.

“Basically calling them derogatory names,” said Sim Gill, Salt Lake County District Attorney.

A younger family member tried sticking up for her aunt and grandma, and that’s when Booth allegedly “pulled out a rifle” and told her, “that he was going to kill her,” documents show.

“He’s certainly looking at this Hispanic family and allegedly making statements saying that he’s going to shoot them back to Mexico,” said Gill.

He allegedly made that statement while pointing the gun at them.

When police responded, Booth allegedly told police he was holding a black guitar stand.

But after a search warrant was obtained, police found four rifles and ammunition inside his home.

“When you have today’s climate, and the concerns that people have, whenever you’re targeting an individual and using racial slurs in the process of committing an assault and it certainly starts to broach the issue of hate crime, and it should be of concern — and it is of concern to us,” said Gill.

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