Man pleads guilty in deaths of girlfriend and her 3-year-old son

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AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Emily Almiron and her son could soon be coming home for proper burial.

They were murdered in 2015 and two years later her boyfriend Christopher Poulson was charged with their murders.  But their bodies were never found.

All that changed in a courtroom Tuesday when Poulson admitted to murdering Almiron.  It’s a first-degree felony and carries a sentence of 15-years to life in prison.  He also admitted to manslaughter also a first-degree felony.

As part of the plea deal, Poulson will show authorities where he buried the bodies.

Emily Almiron and her 3-year-old son Gabriel Almiron disappeared in September 2015.

According to his statement, he admitted to hurting 3-year old Gabriel while babysitting. Prosecutors said he was on drugs when the child abuse happened. The next morning he was dead.

“Emily came home and went to bed,” said Lance Bastian, Deputy Utah County attorney. “Next morning he checks on Gabe. Gabe had passed and he then took a handgun and shot Emily.”

According to police, Poulson purchased several items needed to bury their bodies.  Prosecutors said he can’t disclose where the burial site is because they want privacy in retrieving the bodies.

“It’s outside of Utah County,” Bastian said.  “He has been out at that location with us.  Unfortunately, it’s a big area.  He’s having a hard time remembering where that is.”

He said they will again take Poulson out to the area perhaps this weekend.

For Emily and Gabriel’s family, this outcome was the best they could hope for. They agreed to the plea deal in hopes of bringing them home for proper burial.

They had no comment afterward.  But her friends were relieved with this latest development.

“I think to some degree (there’s closure),” said Sarah Castleberry. “To have people know what we know that Chris did it.”

Danalle Calvin only hopes that Poulson can lead authorities to the bodies of Emily and her son.

“I think we all do because it’s something that Gabriel and Emily deserve.  They didn’t ask for this.”

Utah County prosecutors said if the bodies are recovered, Poulson will be allowed to withdraw his plea.  Once that happens, both sides agreed that the murder and manslaughter charges would be reduced to second-degree felonies and the sentences would run consecutively.

Judge Robert Lunnen told Poulson he will not be bound to the agreement and could still sentence him to the first-degree felonies if he so chooses.

Poulson will return for sentencing September 26 in Provo’s district court.


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