KANE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – An Arizona man was taken into custody Monday morning after crashing head-on into a deputies vehicle during a high-speed pursuit.

Shortly after 8 a.m., a Garfield County Sheriff’s Deputy stopped a car in Panguitch for running a stop sign. Two adults and two children were outside of the car with officers when the man driving the car forced his way past the officers, fleeing the scene in the car.

Officers pursued the man who was later identified as 34-year-old Curtis Heisler, of Phoenix, on Highway 89 eventually crossing into Kane County.

During the chase, Heisler reached speeds over 110 mph, pulling ahead of the officers who were chasing him.

Kane County Deputies along with Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) Troopers began heading to the north end of the county to assist.

One deputy encountered Heisler who was traveling southbound in Glendale and began pursuing him.

Heisler then turned around near the North Event Center in Orderville and began heading back north.

Another deputy prepared to deploy tire spikes near the top of the hill past Bryce Zion Campground in Glendale.

The deputy parked his car on the southbound side of the road and had the southbound traffic begin stopping behind him.

As Heisler approached, the deputy maneuvered the spikes, prompting Heisler to swerve resulting in him crashing into the front of the deputy’s empty car.

Heisler received medical attention from Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District while waiting for a Life Flight helicopter to arrive. He was then flown to St. George Regional Hospital.

Heisler was transported to the Garfield County Jail where he was booked on several charges.

The incident is still under investigation.