Man charged with two felonies after beating puppies to death on Christmas

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WELLINGTON, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Wellington man has been arrested and charged with two felonies after police said he beat two puppies to death on Christmas Day. 

Deputies were called to a home located near 500 West 500 South on report of an animal issue. The caller had two puppies. One of the puppies was hurt and other one was missing after their daughter and her boyfriend were supposed to be taking care of them. 

The boyfriend, Jordan Westerlund, 35, had one of the puppies who was gasping for air and could not lift its head off the ground. The puppy was obviously in serious need of medical attention. 

Deputies said Westerlund was acting nervous and told them at first he did not know what was wrong with the puppy. He said he took them out to go to the bathroom and the one slipped through the fence and ran off and the other one he took inside. Jordan stated he did not know where the other puppy ran off too. 

While talking with Westerlund the owners of the puppy called from the vet and told them the puppy they had suffered severe trauma to the head broken blood vessels in its eyes. They attempted to save the puppy but it did not survive. 

Deputies said Westerlund changed his story several times and was not consistent with anything he was saying. 

Deputies continued to talk with Westerlund for awhile and he eventually admitted several times to hitting the puppies and maybe hitting them a little too hard.  

He also told deputies he became very angry after they would pee and poop on him. 

He said the one puppy did not run off but stated it had died in its kennel and he panicked and took the deceased puppy in a garbage bag down the road and discarded it off in the bushes.

Westerlund then showed deputies where the deceased puppy was. The deceased puppy had the same broken blood vessels in its right eye as well.

Westerlund was arrested for two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty but those charges were later upgraded to two third-degree felony counts of torture of a companion animal.

A search of Westerlunds criminal record shows he is a convicted felon with several drug charges.  He was on probation at the time of the incident. He is currently scheduled to appear in court on February 4. 

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