SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A man who was charged along with four other people with burning a Salt Lake City Police car back in 2020, has been sentenced, but he won’t be serving jail time.

Larry Raynold Williams Jr., 23, was arrested for federal arson of a Salt Lake City Police vehicle in August 2020 during the riots in Salt Lake City on May 30 after a peaceful protest downtown turned violent.

A Salt Lake City police officer was driving her police vehicle and became boxed-in by surrounding protestors. The officer was able to flee from her patrol car which was then overturned, vandalized, and set on fire. Video footage from the event shows individual rioters using fire and explosives to damage and destroy the vehicle.

Williams, who was identified as an Airman First Class in the U.S. Air Force, stationed at Hill Air Force Base, was sentenced on Friday to 24 months of supervised release including one year of home confinement.

Williams was wearing an M50 Joint Service General Protective Mask which revealed lettering on its attached M61 filter canister which stated, “TRNG ONLY.” Williams had been issued the M50 gas mask for training purposes in March 2020.

On Aug. 13, the readiness squadron at Hill Air Force Base conducted an inventory check of equipment issued to Williams and the lot number for one of the gas canisters assigned to Williams was identical to the number observed on the gas mask as depicted in pictures taken at the riot.