SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A man was charged Thursday for holding two men against their will, accusing them of having stolen his pet raccoon, police say.

On Sunday, July 31, near 25 North Redwood Road, two men were at an underpass near an RV when “a man fired a shot,” charging documents state.

Upon arrival of Salt Lake City Police officers, a vehicle fled the scene and an officer conducted a traffic stop.

During the traffic stop, the officer asked the driver, who has been identified as 43-year-old Daniel Chivers, if he consented a search.

Chivers agreed, and police found a 4-gram baggy containing methamphetamine in his pocket, charging documents state.

Chivers reportedly also admitted to having a bb gun in his trailer, as well as “having it in his possession during an argument,” police say.

Witnesses had reported seeing a firearm used which was bedazzled with plastic jewels, according to charging documents.

Both victims said that they heard gunshots coming from the RV, and that Chivers came to them and forced them over to the area of the RV using a gun, according to charging documents.

They reported that Chivers was “upset because he believed that someone had stolen his pet raccoon” and that he threatened to shoot them in the head.

Chivers was reportedly also using continuous homosexual slurs.

One of the men was able to sneak away to Love’s Truck Stop, where he was then able to call police.

After obtaining a search warrant, police conducted a sweep of Chivers’ RV and found a loaded handgun with plastic jewels that was missing three rounds in the overhead storage over the driver’s seat.

Police say they also found a bb gun designed to look like a real gun on the kitchen table, as well as an air rifle next to the couch.

Multiple syringes, a THC pen, and a live raccoon were also located inside the RV, according to charging documents.

Chivers was charged on the following counts:

  • Two Counts of Aggravated Kidnapping in the Course of Committing Unlawful Detention (Third-Degree Felony)
  • Felony Discharge of Firearm (Third-Degree Felony)
  • Purchase, Transfer, Possession or Use of a Firearm by Restricted Person (Third-Degree Felony)
  • Possession or Use of a Controlled Substance (Class A Misdemeanor)