Man captures video of cougar in Provo neighborhood

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PROVO, Utah (News4Utah) After multiple cougar sightings in a Provo neighborhood, the predator appears to be hunting pets and wild animals. 

“I was definitely more scared than it was. I was back towards the door shaking,” said Manny Griffiths. 

On January 25, Griffiths walked out his front door and saw a mountain lion on his driveway. 

“I was kind of in shock for a second. I didn’t know what to do so I ran inside,” he said. 

On Feb 12, police say Griffiths’ neighbor discovered the remains of a dog, cat, and raccoon in her yard in the area of 2770 N. Foothill Drive. 

“Just leftovers from a meal is what it looked like. It was hard to identify the type of breed of these animals and such,” Provo Police Det. Nick Dupaix said.

Police said the dog was black and white, but they haven’t determined the owner of it or the cat. 

The Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) tells ABC4 Utah it’s uncommon for cougars to venture into neighborhoods, but it does happen. A spokesperson said it could be hunting deer or it may have moved in after getting kicked out of an area by a larger, more dominant mountain lion. 

“Of course, we are BYU cougars around here but that’s the first real live one I’ve ever seen in the neighborhood,” Eileen Clawson said. 

Police say cougar attacks on humans are rare, but it’s good to be prepared. For more information, go to

If you spot a cougar within city limits, call police or the DWR.

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