Man attempts to rob UPS driver with rusty knife, police say

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LEHI, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Salt Lake City man is in jail after police said he attempted to rob a UPS driver at knifepoint in Lehi Tuesday morning. 

Police said they were called to the Outlets at 3700 N Cabelas Blvd at 11:15 a.m. on a report that a tall skinny male with dark hair, in a blue and gray checkered shirt, and carrying a Tommy Hilfiger bag, had just pulled a razor knife on the UPS driver and was trying to take money from him.

It was also reported that the man had been in the area asking other people for money. 

Once police arrived, they located 32-year-old Cory Christian Sherman near the Nike outlet.

After refusing to comply with officers’ demands to show his hands several times, he eventually he did and officers were able to take him into custody. 

A box cutter-style knife, which officers said was very rusty, was located inside the Tommy Hilfiger bag. 

The UPS driver said he had been unloading packages in an area where only employees are supposed to be when he noticed Sherman walking around his truck, acting like he was picking up trash.

The driver felt uneasy due to the guy just hanging out in the area so he asked him if he could help with
something and he stated that he could use some help. The driver told Sherman he didn’t have anything of value because he was a UPS driver.

Sherman then pulled the knife out of his bag and said: “I was hoping I would have to do this.”

The driver said he tried to change the subject and asked Sherman where he was from and that is when the suspect ran.

While en route to the jail, Sherman was advised that if he arrived with drugs on him, his charges would be enhanced but Sherman continued to tell the officer he did not have any drugs in his possession.

At the jail, police discovered several items believed to have been stolen from stores in the area in his pants as well as a meth pipe with a lot of usable drug residue. 

Sherman was charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, third-degree possession of a controlled substance inside a correctional facility and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Sherman’s last known address was listed as the Road Home Homeless Shelter in Salt Lake City.

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