SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after he allegedly tried to pull a woman out of a car at a Smith’s supermarket in Saratoga Springs on Wednesday.

The woman told police that she and her husband had just finished grocery shopping prior to the incident. She got into the passenger side of their car while her husband put the groceries in the back of the car. When her husband finished putting the groceries away, he left to return the shopping cart, a probable cause statement said.

This is when she said a man, identified as 43-year-old Scotty Dickerson, exited his car — which was parked next to hers — and walked to the car, opening her door, telling the woman to come with him.

The woman told the man she did not know him and would not go with him and he “grabbed her by the shoulder and attempted to pull her out of the car.”

Once the woman yelled, her husband heard her and came back to the car. After a brief altercation, Dickerson got into his car and left.

The woman and her husband followed Dickerson along Redwood Road and were able to get a description of his car and a license plate.

Police found that the 2017 Black Mercedes was registered to Dickerson. Police responded to the Smith’s to review the video of the incident — showing Dickerson walking up to the woman’s passenger door, interacting with her until her husband walks back and confronts him, according to a probable cause statement.

While officers were investigating the Saratoga Springs incident, they received a call about a similar incident in the Alpine, Highland area. Officers said Dickerson was opening car doors that did not belong to him.

During questioning, police say Dickerson was displaying odd behavior so they attempted to detain him but he resisted, throwing punches at officers. Dickerson was tazed and then placed under arrest.

He was booked into Utah County Jail for two counts of assault on a peace officer, attempted kidnapping, three counts of burglary of a vehicle, criminal mischief, assault, disorderly conduct, interference with an arresting officer, and intoxication.