HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah (ABC4) – A man was allegedly assaulted while playing golf at the Hill Air Force Base’s Hubbard Memorial Golf Course on Saturday, October 8 while one witness captured the incident on video.

A Davis County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to the golf course on a report of the assault.

Upon arrival, the deputy met with the alleged victim who said he and another man had a dispute over “taking too much time on the course,” according to a probable cause statement.

The alleged victim states that he had been hit a number of times in the head, neck and shoulder area, and that he was on the ground when the alleged attacker “kicked him in the face and throat.”

According to a probable cause statement, he said that he felt like it was hard to close his mouth, as though his jaw was displaced.

Authorities say the alleged victim had a cut on his face next to his right eye, and that the right side of his face was “slightly swollen and red.”

The man then pointed out David Robles, 61, as the alleged assailant in the incident.

Confirming the man’s claims, one witness presented the deputy with a video that showed Robles “shouting at the alleged victim as he pulled up in a golf cart,” then exit the cart, approach the alleged victim and shove him.

According to a statement of probable cause, video shows the alleged victim attempt to make space using a putter “as a standoff tool” before Robles grabbed him and the two fell to the ground.

Video reportedly shows the victim face down with his arms over his head while Robles hit him five times in the head, neck and upper shoulders.

Robles is then pulled off of the alleged victim, authorities say, before Robles is seen in the video “kicking the victim in the face and neck with his foot.”

A probable cause statement reads, “Given the alleged victim’s age and the tumultuous intent and the given location of the injury,” a group of individuals stopped their game of play to intervene in the assault as “the victim was seen on the ground on all fours.”

Robles was booked into the Davis County Jail facing the following charges:

  • Aggravated Assault (Third Degree Felony)
  • Disorderly Conduct (Infraction)