Man arrested on weapons charges last week now facing child sexual assault allegations

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A man arrested Thursday on weapons violations is now facing new felony child sex abuse charges after a girl came forward and said he has been sexually assaulting her for years, according to police. 

Arresting documents state the victim told police Reynolds sexually abused her multiple times between the ages of 12 and 15. Two of the incidents happened at the “H” hill just East of Hurricane, and three incidents happened at her house in Hurricane. She also said there were other incidents but she could only remember vague details.

The girl said during the two times up the hill, Reynolds would pick her up, take her to Dairy Queen to get something to eat or ice cream then take her up to the “H” and park. She said he would pull her shirt down and would stick his tongue in her ear while sexually assaulting her, documents state.

On another occasion, Reynolds came over to her home when her mom was gone and sexually assaulted her, according to documents. 

She said she pretended to be asleep because she knew what was going to happen and with her small frame she wasn’t going to be able to do much against him, documents state. 

The girl said she didn’t say anything because she knew what he was capable of, meaning he had taught her to shoot guns, how to fight back, make bombs and how to stab, cut and do the most damage to someone, according to documents.

Court documents state another assault happened when they were upstairs and she was laying on the couch watching a kids TV show. She said he put his hands in her shorts and sexually assaulted her. 

She said her grandma was home a the time and when she was out of the room, he would assault her but when she returned, he would stop, documents state.

The girl told police she told him to stop and she was uncomfortable but when she told him no, he got angry.

When officers arrived at the jail to interview Reynolds, who had been arrested the day before on weapons charges, he invoked his rights to an attorney when they asked if he knew the girl.

Reynolds is facing two first-degree felony counts of object rape of a child, one count first-degree felony aggravated forcible sexual abuse of a child and two second-degree counts of forcible sexual abuse of a child.

Reynolds weapons charges stem from a search warrant issued on his home on Thursday. Deputies assisted Homeland Security investigators after discovering he had ordered a full automatic selector switch for a Glock, which is considered an unregistered machine gun.

Documents state Reynolds is a convicted felon and is prohibited from possessing a dangerous weapon. Reynolds also has previous charges for possession of an incendiary device that was dismissed in 2004 for evidence issues.

In Reynold’s truck, they located an ankle holster on the driver’s side floorboard and a Glock 19 handgun in a compartment in the headrest, according to documents.

Police said the firearm was loaded with a round in the chamber.

Documents state while at Reynold’s home, police located three large knives (4-6 inch blades) in the bedroom.

Reynolds was booked into jail on four felony charges of possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person and one misdemeanor charge of having a loaded weapon in his vehicle.

Police said there were other seizures made during the search and additional weapons charges are expected. 

Reynolds was convicted in federal court for felony possession of an unregistered destructive device in 2005. 


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