SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A man has been arrested for murder after he told officials that he injected his girlfriend with heroin to “relieve her from suffering.”

26-year-old Haoyu Wang, who is a student at the University of Utah, was arrested for murder on Friday after he emailed the University of Utah Police Department telling them he injected his girlfriend who also attended the University of Utah with heroin. He indicated to police that both of them would be dead when they were found, court records state.

When U of U police pinged Wang’s cellphone, it brought them to a Quality Inn hotel in Downtown Salt Lake City.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Wang along with his girlfriend — who was dead — both inside of the room. Wang was then taken into custody.

Wang told police that he and his girlfriend intended on committing suicide together. He told them he ordered fentanyl and heroin on the dark net.

Wang and the victim snorted heroin together and he says she began vomiting and become unresponsive with “labored breathing.” Wang told police she was still breathing but suffering, arrest records state.

Wang then injected his girlfriend with a high dose of heroin with the “intent to kill her and relieve her suffering.”

She died after the injection and Wang then injected himself with heroin and remained in the room until police arrived.

Wang has been arrested for murder and was booked into Salt Lake County Jail.