ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after executing a crime spree involving multiple police departments over the weekend of Jan. 8. The unexpected string of events was ultimately brought to an end two days after the first incident with the unruly suspect. 

The first incident was reported Friday shortly after 9 a.m. when a 911 call was made from East 440 North. Officers spoke to the caller who told them a man was striking a bat against the ground and pointing it at him. 

The caller told police that he got into his vehicle and drove off, but was followed by the suspect in a white Mazda. The officer on call was able to identify the vehicle after arriving in the area and proceeded to follow the Mazda on East 450 North, attempting to pull the suspect over. 

Rather than pulling over, the suspect continued to travel west and turned onto 2450 East. The officer reported noticing the suspect looking back at him multiple times while he was being followed. 

The officer then got out of his car and approached the Mazda at a traffic light, but the suspect allegedly ignored him, turning right onto Red Cliffs Drive and continuing to head southwest. The officer immediately fell back and continued to follow the suspect. 

At Green Springs and Telegraph, the officer attempted a high-risk stop, but when he knocked on the window of the Mazda the suspect took off for Interstate 15. 

Instead of getting back in his vehicle the officer ran the suspect’s plates and identified him as 29-year-old Edelberto Fierro. 

Police were able to contact the suspect by phone who allegedly told officers he initially pulled a bat on the 911 caller when he witnessed him mistreating his dog. However, when Fierro refused to meet with the officer both a felony evading charge and a misdemeanor charge of the threat of violence were submitted to the Washington County Attorney’s Office for review. 

Two days later, on Sunday, an officer in Hurricane who was monitoring State Street shortly after 3 a.m. witnessed a Mazda going 20 mph under the speed limit. The driver’s repeated manner of slowing down and speeding up as well as his mistake of turning on his hazard lights led the officer to believe he could be under the influence. 

The officer turned on his emergency lights and siren as the Mazda approached 2200 West State Street. After the Mazda had continued about a mile or so without stopping, the officer was informed by dispatch that the suspect had called 911 himself to tell authorities he knew that police were behind him. 

Emergency dispatch reported that the suspect reacted with ignorance when they repeatedly asked him to pull over for the officer and that Fierro told them he “knows everyone is trying to arrest him for Marijuana because he was from Nevada, but said he doesn’t have any.” 

After the suspect pulled into a 7-Eleven, the officer approached the Mazda and ordered him out of the vehicle. Upon trying to pull the suspect out of the car the officer noticed a large knife in the pocket of the door, which he was able to block access to while successfully removing him from the vehicle.

A struggle insued after backup arrived and lasted until authorities were able to gain custody over the suspect. 

A razor knife was found in the suspect’s pocket during a full-body search. 

When officers identified the suspect as Edelberto Fierro they learned of his prior charges as well as a third incident of evading which was dropped due to public safety reasons. 

When probed by officers regarding his reckless driving, Fierro explained that he was looking for an Amazon package that he thought he saw on the side of the road, later switching the story and saying that he had set out to collect metal that needed to be recycled, adding he knew police were trying to stop him. 

Fierro then told the officer on the scene that his foot was broken, but emergency medical personnel found no injuries upon examination. 

Fierro continued complaining of his supposedly broken foot and was transported to St. George Regional Medical Center. 

After receiving medical clearance and being denied an MRI, Fierro was relocated to Purgatory Correctional Facility and booked on the active arrest warrant, felony evading, and three misdemeanors including obstruction of justice, interfering with an arresting officer and failing to yield for an emergency vehicle.