OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Ogden Police Department was dispatched to a local Walmart located at 1959 Wall Ave on Jan. 15 due to a complaint of a man, later identified as Greg Morris, chasing another man around the store’s parking lot with a machete. 

Walmart’s security footage showed the 911-caller pull into the parking spot next to Greg’s fiance and child. Upon exiting his car and walking to the store’s entrance, the victim said Greg’s fiance yelled something at him but he was not able to make out what she said. 

The victim told police officials that once in the store and in line waiting to check out, Greg approached him and told him not to go anywhere. Greg went outside and retrieved a machete from his vehicle. The victim stated that by then he had already made it back into his car but he was able to see the man approaching his vehicle with a machete. 

Video evidence then shows the victim pulling out of the parking spot and driving away while being chased by Greg who was holding up the machete. Greg then left the Walmart parking lot in a white vehicle. 

Several hours later, Riverdale, Roy, South Ogden, and Ogden Police responded to a dispatch call from a Popeyes in South Ogden where a man matching the description of the suspect at Walmart was reportedly waving a machete around at employees in response to receiving an incorrect order.   

When police arrived they found Greg located in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot in South Ogden in a grey Mazda. Greg was immediately handcuffed and placed in the back of a police vehicle. The machete was found in the back seat of the Mazda. 

After being read his Miranda rights and agreeing to speak with law enforcement, Greg responded with confusion when asked why he thought Ogden Police would want to speak with him despite him being in South Ogden, saying he did not know and had not been in Ogden that day. When asked if he had been at Walmart earlier in the day he replied no. When probed by authorities who told him they responded to a call from Walmart regarding a parking issue, Greg explained that there was a guy at Walmart who almost hit his fiance and kid with his car. Video evidence proves Greg’s statement to be false and shows the victim pulled into the Walmart parking lot in an appropriate manner at a safe distance from Greg’s family. 

Greg’s story changed multiple times throughout the period he spoke with authorities according to officials. 

Greg was advised he was under arrest for aggravated assault. The current offense is a felony committed while on probation or parole, or while free on bail awaiting trial on a previous felony charge.

Since the string of events that occurred on Jan. 15, it’s been requested that Greg’s detention be continued as he’s shown evidence of being an unpredictable and substantial risk to the general public.