PARK CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A man recently arrested for vehicle theft and communication fraud has been taken into custody for aggravated assault in Summit County.

Summit County authorities say deputies responded to a vehicle verus pedestrian accident at a McDonald’s on Tuesday.

An investigation revealed that a man hit a 30-year-old woman, pinning her against her car, and then fled the scene. The woman told authorities the man, identified as 51-year-old Sean Dalton, was trying to get in front of her at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Dalton allegedly hit the woman’s vehicle. The woman then got out to speak to Dalton. That’s when he accelerated toward her, hitting and pinning her against her vehicle.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office says Dalton was initially unable to be located, but, later on, the original complainant notified authorities that he had located Dalton and was following him.

Deputies responded to the scene and took Dalton into custody.

According to authorities, Dalton was found to be in control of a vehicle and under the influence of alcohol. He was ultimately booked into jail on multiple charges, including DUI and aggravated assault.

A probable cause statement from Summit County shows Dalton was arrested on Decemeber 23 for stealing a vehicle from Hertz Vehicles LLC – where he was fired from a month prior – and renting out vehicles to customers in return for cash payments to himself.

Park City Police say Dalton receive over $4,200 from six customers through this process. The probable cause statement says Hertz informed police that 30 vehicles were “rented” by Dalton throughout the year with no contracts.

As of Dec. 23, authorities say 14 of those vehicles have not been recovered while 21 have been recovered by Hertz across the country.

Police say Dalton was arrested while operating a vehicle stolen from Hertz.

According to the probable cause statement, Dalton was arrested in 2017 for unlawful use of a financial transaction card and theft of services.