Mall shooting: Witness video raises questions about victims

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It was an incident with many moving parts. Shots ring out at a popular shopping mall near Salt Lake City. Hundreds run for the exits. Outside, two wounded. The shooters flee the scene. And one day later, discovers a video that depicts what investigators are calling “interesting,” “curious,” even “strange.”

Alarms blaring, a woman starts recording with her cell phone camera, as she moves toward the east exit of Fashion Place Mall, apparently unaware that she’s about to be standing at the scene of the shooting. Then, she sees them, two people, wounded, laying on the sidewalk. And it’s here she records something that has now become part of the investigation, a line of questioning for detectives.

The wounded man appears to quickly sit up and take off his jacket, wadding it up and holding it for a few seconds.

“Something about that is strange,” says Murray Police officer Kenny Bass, commenting on the video he had just seen.

The man appears to then turn to the wounded woman next to him and hand the jacket to her. The woman appears to clutch the jacket close to her torso.

 “It’s curious. It’s interesting in the fact that something like this took place on the video when they’re both in a difficult situation,” Officer Bass says.

That too lasts only a few seconds, when another man walks into frame, his back to the camera, and appears to extend his left hand toward the woman, who looks up and hands the jacket to him. Police say that prompts another question. Who is the man?

 “Since he was obviously known to those people, and he was part of this altercation, so yes, they do want to talk to him,” Officer Bass confirms.

The video is short – about: 30 seconds long, but it raises many questions, says Bass.

 “Looking at it, it appears there’s a reason to moving it. What that is. But you can surmise that it’s to get rid of something that they shouldn’t have had.”

Two suspects are under arrest in connection with Sunday’s shooting, awaiting charges authorities say will include attempted murder. Police are looking for as many as eight other people, in connection with the shooting.

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