MURRAY, Utah (ABC4) – After receiving several reports of cougar sightings in residential neighborhoods in Murray, The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) captured one of the cougars Monday.

The DWR responded Monday around 11:30 a.m to a cougar sighting in Murray and was able to successfully tranquilize a male cougar around 6200 South Cedar Street.

The DWR says the captured cougar has been traveling with a female cougar throughout the city.

The female cougar has not been caught yet.

A GPS collar was placed on the male cougar, who was relocated and released.

The video is courtesy of Utah DWR.

The DWR is asking the public to contact them if they see the cougar in the area so they can relocate her.

The two cougars spotted in Murray are different from the recent sightings that have been reported in West Valley City.

The DWR says they have been unable to locate the West Valley Cougar because it is constantly moving through the area.

That cougar has killed seven sheep in the area and the DWR is now coordinating with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to locate the cougar.

This cougar will be euthanized if it is located because it has killed domestic animals.

The last sighting was last week when the sheep deaths were reported.

Here are some safety tips from the DWR if you encounter a cougar:

  • Never run from a cougar, since that could trigger the cougar’s instincts to chase.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Pick up children and pets or keep them very close.
  • Stand up tall.
  • Do not crouch or squat.
  • Make yourself look bigger by raising and waving your arms or jacket above your head.
  • Talk firmly in a loud voice, back away slowly, and leave the area.
  • Fight back if you are attacked! Protect your head and neck.
  • If you are aggressive enough, the cougar will probably flee.