UTAH (ABC4) – Shoppers inside Utah state liquor stores will likely notice a few more smiling faces greeting them near the door.

New signage, which resembles something out of a 1970s family-based sitcom, produced by Parents Empowered, the state’s underage drinking prevention program, will remind parents of the impact they can have on their children.

The state has found the more active parents are in the lives of their children, the less likely the kids are to drink underage. According to data collected by the Student Health and Risk Prevention (SHARP) survey, 97% of kids say the reason they don’t drink is because of their parents’ strong disapproval.

“By actively working to prevent underage drinking, we are helping to keep Utah kids and families healthy,” says Tiffany Clason, executive director of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in a press release. “There is no doubt that drinking alcohol at a young age is harmful to the development of kids’ brains. This latest effort reminds parents to talk about drinking and tell their kids that they disapprove.”

The new signs were largely funded through a $10,000 grant awarded to the DABC by the National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association.