Major changes to Ogden School District if bond option approved

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OGDEN, Utah (News4Utah) A school bond proposal could shake up the Ogden School District if approved by voters. 

Three scenarios were presented to the school board earlier this month after a $106 million bond failed in 2017.

In all bond proposal scenarios, Taylor Canyon Elementary would close indefinitely. 

“There are tons of kids in this area. For them to just want to shut it down and disperse the kids willy-nilly, it’s disheartening,” Brooke Malan said, whose children attend the aging school.  

“The reality is, we are looking at consolidating some schools,” Ogden School Spokesperson Jer Bates said. 

The district needs to restructure. Bates said there are too many buildings and too few students.

“The question becomes: do we consolidate our students into existing old buildings or do we consolidate students into newer or renovated buildings that are much more functional,” Bates said. 

On August 16, the school board is expected to vote on one of three scenarios. 

The first option is the most expensive at $87 million. It would replace Horace Mann and TO Smith Elementary schools, renovate Polk Elementary and add on to Wasatch Elementary. 

The second is $82 million dollars; It is similar to the first but would rebuild Polk Elementary instead of renovating it.

The third comes in at $75 million, replacing Horace Mann Elementary, rebuilding Polk Elementary and renovating Wasatch Elementary. Improvements will also be made to five other schools. 

Whatever the option, people living near Polk Elementary tell us they don’t want to see major structural changes to the school.

“The reason I was against the bond was taking down a historic building,” Joseph Bennett said.

“I don’t like so much in the way of change,” Paul Hathcock said.

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