Looking back and forward to national security challenges in 2018

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) While 2017 proved to be a tumultuous year, 2018 may present even greater national security challenges for the United States. Our national security expert, Ryan Vogel joined Good Morning Utah for a look back and forward.

The United States will be faced with a wide range of complex and challenging issues, including a deteriorating situation with North Korea, in which Kim Jong Un has resolved to continue its nuclear program and test new ICBM missile technology. The possibility of nuclear war or use of force with North Korea looks more likely than ever before.

An unstable situation in Iran where protesters have taken to the streets and the government has responded with force, killing more than a dozen civilians. The United States has also accused Iran of cheating on the nuclear deal and threatening to withdraw from it.

A tense situation with Russia with the ongoing investigations and diplomatic tit for tat.

A persistent terrorist threat – both from established terror groups like ISIS and al-Qa’ida and from lone wolf and small groups inspired by such groups, and both domestically and internationally. Even as ISIS is weakened and defeated in Syria and Iraq, its presence remains formidable across the globe.

A worsening cybersecurity front, where governments, criminal groups, and individuals hack public and private entities and cost billions of dollars in damages.

A precarious relationship with China – especially with an Administration that has chosen to take on the rising power on a variety of fronts and has publicly condemned their actions via Twitter.

A number of persistent civil wars and failed states that have caused refugee crises and given haven to extremist groups hostile to the United States.

The worsening effects of climate change.

A fragile economic environment, where interconnectedness and drastic political change across the world could lead to panic and recession.

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