Lone protestor sits on top of Utah State Capitol, Saturday

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — One Trump protestor sat alone atop Utah’s state capitol as law enforcement kept a close eye monitoring any erratic or illegal behavior, Saturday.

According to the Department of Public Safety, protests are expected to take place up through Wednesday, January 20; the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Saturday afternoon and into the night was more quiet than usual at the state capitol. Troopers say they plan for things to heat up into tomorrow and the workweek.

A single Trump supporter tells ABC4 he hopes that is not the case. 

“I am here because Trump got railroaded,” shares Pete Liacopoulos.

Liacopoulos says he had been sitting wrapped up in winter gear, holding his flags and sign starting at 11 in the morning. 

“It’s a free country,” says Liacopoulos. “Don’t come and tell me I am a bad person because I fly a Trump flag and am a Trump supporter.

Utah law enforcement says First and Second Amendment supporters are coming to the capitol the next few days to protest. 

On Thursday, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox declared a state of emergency in Utah due to potential protests being held at the Utah State Capitol in the coming days. 

He tells ABC4 News the state of emergency was made as a general precaution to “make sure safety is first.”

Liacopoulos agreed with that saying he understands the emotional response but doesn’t get the violence.

“Do it but don’t go break into the place,” says Liacopoulos. “Is it worth it? What do you think? No, I mean I don’t agree with a lot the government says but I’m not going to go break into there and getting myself arrested and killed.”

The Utah National Guard has been placed on standby and According to the FBI bulletin obtained by ABC4 News, starting this week and running through Inauguration Day, armed protests are planned at the Utah State Capitol and all 49 other state capitol buildings.

ABC4 will be keeping an eye on what happens at the state capitol during the week. 

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