LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) – A Logan police officer faces multiple charges after allegations of domestic violence over the course of the last year.

During the investigation, the victim disclosed “multiple incidents” that allegedly occurred from 2021 to 2022 in Wellsville, Utah.

The victim describes in one incident of assault being “plowed over” by the officer, saying that he “used his chest and bodyweight” to hit her.

She claims that she hit her head on the wall during as a result, and reportedly took photos of bruising on her arm after the incident.

She reportedly also sustained an injury to the head at that time, and “had a discussion of her head injury via text messaging” with the officer, according to a statement of probable cause.

In the messages, she stated that she had a headache, but “does not dare seek medical attention,” and the officer allegedly asked her what she will say when she seeks medical attention. The officer allegedly said that if she tells them that she was knocked down during an argument, that they would have to report the incident to law enforcement.

Ultimately, the victim did not seek medical attention at that time “due to being too fearful to do so,” according to the statement.

The victim described having physical symptoms in the days following the altercation, which medical professionals reviewed and came to the conclusion that the symptoms are consistent with having a concussion.

The victim, as well as a minor child who was living at the home, continue to describe other incidents of assault, according to court documents.

The officer now faces the following charges:

  • One Count, Assault with Substantial Bodily Injury (Class-A Misdemeanor)
  • One Count, Unlawful Detention and Unlawful Detention of a Minor (Class-B Misdemeanor)
  • Four Counts, Assault (Class-B Misdemeanor)

No further information is currently available on this case.