***WARNING: The photos contained in this article may be graphic***

LOGAN (ABC4 News) – A Logan man is healing from 300 stitches in his face after he was bit by a stray dog in his yard. Logan police currently have the dog in quarantine and said its future is uncertain while they conduct an investigation.

Parley Goodrich is a dog lover and has a Pitbull in his family. That’s why he didn’t think twice when he came home from work and saw a stray Pitbull mix in his front yard Friday afternoon.

“It seemed friendly, but it didn’t turn out friendly,” he said.

Goodrich had difficulty speaking in his interview with ABC4 News because of his injuries. But his sister, Tiffannie Wilson explained the dog attacked and bit him in the face when he tried to bend down and pet it.

She said Goodrich drove himself to urgent care and then to a facial surgeon. After five hours, he ended up with 300 stitches in his face.

“They had to graft some of the skin on his nose and it went all the way down to that nerve. So he’s going to have nerve damage and some numbness down there. It might come back,” said Wilson. “The doctor actually showed me the picture of what his face looked before he stitched him up. It was really hard to take. It’s pretty graphic.”

The healing doesn’t end there for Goodrich. His sister said he has at least another surgery to go and will have to get rabies shots, depending on the dog’s medical history. He has no insurance and his family is concerned he’ll have to foot the bill himself.

“I can’t really open my mouth, so I can’t really eat,” said Goodrich. “That will be a journey to get to where I can open up that far. I can barely get a piece of bread in with the stitches without it feeling pulled.”

He filed a report the following day with the Logan Police Department, who located the dog involved in the attack several days later. Officials said the dog is currently being quarantined while they investigate whether it has any diseases or whether it’s ever bitten anyone else in the past.

“It’s a devastating dog bite. His jaw, lip, and nose were all impacted,” said Cpt. Curtis Hooley with the Logan Police Department.

Cpt. Hooley said they’re finalizing their report before sending it over to the Cache County Attorney. He said it’s possible that the dog could be euthanized and the owner could face charges depending on the outcome of the investigation.

“As a dog owner, you are responsible for your dog. If you know or believe it could be a type of dog that doesn’t interact well with people, you need to be with that dog to make sure something like this doesn’t happen,” said Cpt. Hooley.

Wilson said she wants legal responsibility so that her brother doesn’t have to take on all of the medical expenses on his own. Goodrich said he hopes the dog won’t be put down.

“The dog is not to blame. It’s the people who treat their dogs wrong,” he said.

At the end of the day, Wilson hopes this can serve as a lesson for dog owners and dog lovers.

“No matter how big of an animal lover you are, you have to be careful especially if you’re not familiar with a dog. Even if it’s in your own yard. It was in Parley’s yard so naturally, you wouldn’t think to worry,” she said.

If you would like to help with Goodrich’s medical expenses, you can donate to their GoFundMe here.

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