LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) – A man allegedly broke into a home in the Logan area on Tuesday, threatening the victim inside with a boxcutter and demanding that they give him illegal drugs.

According to arresting documents, the victim woke up to 28-year-old Dekker Boeke holding a boxcutter blade to their throat.

Boeke then allegedly demanded that the victim get him illegal drugs, and that he cut his own forearm to “show how serious he was,” reportedly making statements about having killed people before.

The victim told officers that Boeke entered the residence unlawfully, and remained there.

Arresting documents state that a utility knife was found on the restroom floor of the residence, and that toilet paper with blood was located in the toilet.

Boeke reportedly also had a wound on his forearm consistent with the victim’s statement.

Boeke allegedly refused to speak with officers about the incident and faces charges of burglary of a dwelling and aggravated assault.

No further information is currently available.