Local woman donates 50 gallons of breast milk

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MILLCREEK, Utah (News4Utah) — One mom is giving back in a big way! She recently donated her 50th gallon of breast milk to the Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank.

That’s enough to cover every baby in the NICU at the Utah Valley Hospital for five months.
Brinda Green of Eagle Mountain was in the NICU, mourning the loss of Grace, and trying to keep her twin sister alive. Tessa Kate was 3 lbs 4 oz. Her twin sister was stillborn. We named her Grace.

Nurses gave Tessa Kate donor milk until mom could recover.

Tessa’s tiny body got stronger. At the same time, Brinda learned about donating her own breast milk.

“My body was prepared to feed 2 babies and I didn’t have 2 babies to feed. I thought whose baby, where can I help?”
Not many people know that donated milk from Idaho and Utah goes through a costly and time-consuming, yet necessary process.  The milk is shipped to Colorado to be pasteurized then sent back to Utah.

Now the Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank is raising money for a fully operational milk bank. It would be the first human milk processing plant in Utah.

We all know the benefits of breast milk but it’s even more vital for the health and safety of preemies.
The milk bank has a new screening center for collecting milk to help even more critically premature babies or micro preemies.

The non-profit is holding a ‘Milk Bank Mingle’ open house to celebrate their donors, raise money toward the processing plant and bring awareness to the incredible need at NICUs across Utah’s hospitals.
Brinda knows it all to well and spent the last two years donating a stunning 50 gallons of breast milk.

“Tessa knows we share her milk and Grace’s milk with other babies who need it. I felt I had a special opportunity that I had to honor her.”

Milk Bank Mingle details event and to become a donor: https://www.mwmothersmilkbank.org/

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