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Details of what happened in a Niger raid are slowly coming out. Today Ryan Vogel, Director of National security Studies at Utah Valley University, joined Emily Clark for a closer look into the ramifications of this event.

The details are just beginning to trickle out about the operation in Niger that resulted in the loss
of four American service members on October 4. Reportedly, the U.S. Army team that was ambushed in Niger was conducting a reconnaissance mission on a terrorist leader, allegedly a recruiter, operating in the area when it was attacked.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, has indicated that the soldiers
were returning to their operating base when they were ambushed by 50 ISIS fighters. This was apparently one of the first operations since U.S. forces arrived in country.

As a result of the controversy and uncertainty surrounding this operation, the chief of staff to
the commander of AFRICOM, Major Gen. Roger Cloutier Jr., is leading a formal

But the operation poses many difficult questions: 

-What is the U.S. doing in Africa?

-How many troops do we have there?

-What states are they fighting in?

-What role are they playing?

-Who are they fighting?

-Can the President legally use U.S. forces like this in a prolonged way?

When even congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle do not know the answers to
these questions, the Administration has some explaining to do.

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