Local professor on DNC data breach after new information discovered

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(ABC4 News) There are some new developments in regards to the alleged hacking of the DNC by Russian agents. Robert Jorgensen, Cybersecurity Program Director at Utah Valley University, joined Emily Clark to talk about those hacks.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Justice Department now has enough information to charge six Russian officials in connection to the DNC hacking. Charges have not yet been filed, but that may happen sometime in early 2018.

Most of the charges would fall under the ‘Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.’ Jorgensen says a big issue is that the US Government can charge Russian Government officials, but we can’t arrest them. The charges are mostly a diplomatic statement, but with this indictment, prosecutors can hopefully get more information on the hacking. The big question prosecutors are trying to figure out is how much information they obtained, and when they got it. 

Utah Valley University’s Cybersecurity Team is heading to Idaho State this week for a competition involving other schools around the region in cyber defense. That competition starts Friday. For more information on the competition and how to protect yourself, visit UVU.edu/cybersecurity.

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