SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Salt Lake City doctor who has been performing surgeries in Utah for 50 years celebrated his last surgery with his retirement. 

Very few medical doctors have ever worked as long as Dr. Reed Fogg, who started out as an orthopedic surgeon but switched halfway through his career decided to get certified and licensed as a spinal surgeon. 

Fogg said he was grateful for the recognition and shared a few stories from the operating room. 

“They would come back to the primary and we would change the cast and check their hips and I remember clearly every time as you put them on the table,” Fogg said.”You remember the old cast saws didn’t cut but they vibrated like this. And so when would vibrate the plaster the maggots and the bugs would come flying out of their cast and we’d have to scamper around and kill all of the bugs.”

A reception was held in his honor last Thursday to help celebrate his retirement and his last surgery he performed earlier that day.