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Millions of people tuned in for the big game Sunday night between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams and while a lot of people watched the game, others tuned in for the commercials.

Richter7, a company here in Utah, ranked their best and worst Super Bowl ads. CEO Tal Harry told ABC4 News that this year’s commercials were boring.

“There’s some ads that I didn’t personally care for, but a lot of others do,’ Harry said. ‘So there seems to be a lot of polarization or a little bit of differences of opinions.”

Harry said comedy ads are typically the favorites.

Below is the final list of winners and losers from Richter7’s Ad Bowl XXIV.

·         Most Valuable Ad Award: NFL “100-Year Game”

·         Best Low Budget Ad Award: T-Mobile ads (Dad?!, We’ll Keep This Brief, What’s for Dinner?)

·         Celebrity Sack Ad Award: Stella Artois “Change Up The Usual”

·         Championship Chuckle Ad Award: Hyundai “The Elevator”

·         Illegal Use of $$$$ Ad Award: Planters “Mr. Peanut is Always There in Crunch Time”

·         Creative Fumble Ad Award: Bon & Viv “The Pitch”

·         Should Have Punted Ad Award: Burger King “#EatLikeAndy”

This is Richter7’s 24th year analyzing commercials for the Big Game.

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