OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Looking to try a new restaurant? You might want to try “The Oaks” in Weber County. This small business is struggling to stay afloat.

Nestled in the Ogden Canyon, “The Oaks” restaurant opened right at the start of February 2020.

“Signed everything, signed the papers, everything was normal, life was normal and then almost a week to two weeks later, everything had gone crazy,” says Chris Bowler, owner of “The Oaks”.

Chris Bowler lives in Eden and thought he would follow his dream of running a restaurant.

“Started our renovations, not knowing if restaurants would even be able to open up again, just kind of hoping they would, not knowing what kind of regulations we’d have to deal with but we kind of went forward with it,” says Bowler.

At noon, just a couple of people stopped in for lunch and that’s how it’s been lately.

“It’s worrisome, just trying to have hope and faith that it will all work out, that this will all end at some point,” says Bowler.

He and his wife put everything they have into “The Oaks”, covering expenses out of their pockets, with hopes people remember to visit local businesses, tucked away in the canyon.

“Going a little bit further away to get to a different restaurant or a different shopping center, or boutique or wherever you want to go, going up a little bit farther sometimes isn’t such a bad thing,” says Bowler.

Bowler says he is staying positive, working toward his hopes and dreams for the future of “The Oaks” and hopefully winning the financial battle against COVID-19.