UTAH (ABC4) – An animal sanctuary in Herriman is beyond capacity and they’re begging people to stop leaving animals on their property.

Lindsey Armstrong says her non-profit, Clementine Ranch, already has nearly 200 animals.

On several occasions, she says she and her partner have told people they can’t take any more animals, only to find them left on their doorstep the next day.

The situation has gotten so bad she says she’s had to call the police due to people throwing animals out of their car windows onto their property, including a dog and a bunny.

“It does feel like it’s in vain, when it just keeps happening over and over again, where you know, the work is never feeling like it’s enough to make some sort of a difference,” Armstrong tells ABC4.

She says she’s also had people leave a box full of ducks on her doorsteps which adds another concern of spreading Avian Flu.