SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A Utah medical resource relief organization is sending what may be the state’s largest shipment of aid to the war-torn country of Ukraine.

Globus relief says they’ve been organizing and supplying relief for areas that have experienced a natural disaster for 25 years.

Over the last week, Shaimaa Al Wassiti, CEO and President at Globus Relief says she along with her team have coordinated a relief effort from start to finish in an effort to send seven million dollars of emergency medical resources to Ukraine.

While Globus Relief says they’re equipped to supply needs for all forms of medical care, this initial shipment includes more immediately needed items such as bandages, syringes, IVs, and any sort of emergency supplies that would go “in or on someone’s body in need of care” explains Al Wassiti.

Globus Relief says after making contact with the health minister, and prime minister in Ukraine, they learned that medical aid was the most needed form of aid at this time.

In a conversation with health leaders on the ground in Ukraine, Shaimaa Al Wassiti describes what she was told about the dire need there “she said people were dying, they didn’t have enough bandages for people who were bleeding. They were using feminine products, and briefs trying to stop the bleeding but that wasn’t good enough.”

Globus relief officials say about 15 trucks filled with a total of 600 pallets of what’s called modules packed with specific medical items. About half of the trucks left on Wednesday and remainder leaving Thursday in route to Chicago, Illinois. From there the pallets will get loaded on a 7-4-7 airplane and flown to the neighboring country Moldova, for safety reasons. Globus relief says they obtained clearance from Ukrainian travel leadership to ship the items to Ukraine’s bordering country.

“We’ll be managing the delivery with our international partners that will be by the borders, I think that’s the safest way” says Al Wassiti.

Meanwhile, during this massive Ukraine aid effort, relief donations are still being coordinated for refugees in another war-torn region – Syria.

Globus Relief says they are grateful for partners like the University of Utah Health, Intermountain Healthcare and a host of other local and national partners for their donations which enables them to respond to medical needs quickly after a disaster.

Shaimaa Al Wassiti tells ABC4 “so these medical resources are good for when you want to take action, take care of a patient when someone is hurt you have to use these medical resources to stop the bleeding before you take them to a facility.”

As this round of Ukraine relief efforts takes transit, Al Wassiti says there’s maybe more aid sent to Ukraine in the coming weeks as the war rages on and the need for medical resources only becomes greater.

For those who want to help you are encouraged to visit Globus Relief’s website for instructions on how to get involved in relief efforts.