SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — The first of five Utah congressional political debates will kick off tonight live from Brigham Young University at 6 p.m., and it will be carried live on

Republican U.S. Dist. 3 Congressman John Curtis will face off against Democratic challenger Glenn J. Wright in the first of the Utah Debate Commission’s series for the Nov. 8 election. The debate will be moderated by University of Utah Associate Dean of the Davod Eccles School of Business Natalie Gochnour.

Curtis has served Dist. 3 since 2017 and formerly served as the mayor of Provo. He defeated challenger Christopher Herrod in the June 28 primary with over 72% of the vote.

Wright is a New York native and Air Force veteran who progressed to the Nov. 8 election unopposed. He was previously a candidate for Utah’s House of Representatives Dist. 54 and Dist. 53.

Three other candidates are also vying for the seat but will not be participating in the debate, including Daniel Clyde Cummings (Constitution), Aaron Heineman (Independent American Party), and Michael Stoddard (Libertarian).

HOW TO WATCH: will carry the entire debate on our live stream. You can also watch the debate from the Utah Debate Commission’s website.

The full list of debates for the Nov. 8 election are as follows:

Oct. 6 — U.S. House, Dist. 3

Oct. 10 — U.S. House, Dist. 1

Oct. 12 — U.S. House, Dist. 4

Oct. 14 — U.S. House, Dist. 2

Oct. 17 — U.S. Senate

  • Mike Lee (R) vs. Evan McMullin (no party)
  • 6 p.m. at Utah Valley University
  • Moderator: Doug Wright
  • ABC4 will carry this debate live on-air and on our live stream