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You can legally discharge fireworks three days before and three days after the 4th and 24th of July.

Enjoy the fireworks between the hours of 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. On July 4th and 24th that time is extended to midnight.

The state is currently at risk for even more wildfires so make sure to enjoy your fireworks safely.


Several cities or counties have banned fireworks in certain areas. Make sure you check with your city before lighting off your fireworks. You can type in your address and see if there are restrictions in your area. 

Good4Utah has worked to compile a list of restrictions. Did we miss your city? Let us know (email and we’ll update the list.

Beaver County


Brigham City

1. Along the east bench (foothills) in the urban wild land interface from 1500 North to the south Brigham City boundary, more particularly described as follows:

  • Area east of residential property on Highland Blvd, 675 North, Aspen Drive, Carolyn Place, Orchard Place, Oak Place, Bott Avenue, Sycamore Circle, Sheri Circle, 1300 East, Bywater Way  and Kaylynne Circle
  • Area east of a line running due south from Highland Blvd to Hwy 89/91
  • Area east of Hwy 89/91 from the mouth of the canyon to Michelle Drive
  • Area east of residential property on Michelle Drive

2. Brigham City Airport and surrounding areas inside of the city limits
3. The annexed areas of the Bear River Bird Refuge (west of I-15 running along the city limit boundaries as shown on the map.

Carbon County

We would like to remind everyone that there is currently fireworks restrictions in all parts of the unincorporated parts…Posted by Carbon County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, July 3, 2017

Cottonwood Heights

Fireworks are restricted in or near designated “wildland interface” areas and public parks. Details here.


1) No fireworks will be allowed to be discharged in any of the restricted areas in Draper City (please see attached map).  The Draper Police Department will be actively enforcing in the restricted areas and will have extra patrols on duty.

2. Fireworks are not allowed east of 1300 East Street, south of 13800 South Street, west of Interstate 15, and in the area from 12300 South running north along 1000 East Street to the north city boundary, then following the city boundary west to 700 East Street, then south to the UTA TRAX line, then following the TRAX line to 12300 South Street (Mehraban Wetlands Area). 

3. It is against the law to discharge any fireworks within 20 feet of any residence, dwelling or structure. 

4. It is against the law to discharge any fireworks in a Draper City park or facility. 

5. Sky lanterns are prohibited in all areas of Draper. 

Garden City

No fireworks in the following areas:

  1. Starting at U.S. Highway 89 and the Utah/Idaho state line, south along U.S. highway 89 to the 300 west (Paradise Parkway)/U.S. Highway 89 intersection.
  2. South along 300 west to Buttercup Lane.
  3. South along Highway 30 to Kimball Lane.
  4. Continuing East along Highway 30 to Sweetwater Park Dr.
  5. North from Sweetwater Park Dr. to the high water line on Bear Lake.
  6. Northerly along the high water mark on Bear Lake to the Utah/Idaho state line.

Highland City

Fireworks are banned in the following areas: Bull River Subdivision Westfield Cove Subdivision Hidden Oaks Subdivision Sunset Mnt. Properties Hunter Ridge Subdivision Chamberry Fields Subdivision Highland Hills Subdivision Mercer Hollow Subdivision Beacon Hills Subdivision Country French Subdivision View Point Subdivision Mouth of Am. Fork Canyon Highland Glen Park Skye Estates Dry Creek Highland Subdivision Sterling Pointe Highland Oaks


The following areas are banned: 

East of 2000 E. from the south city limits to Cherry Lane.
East of Fairfield Rd. north of Cherry Lane to Church St.
East of Church St. from Fairfield Rd. to Highway 193
North of Hwy 193 both sides of Church St.
East of 2400 E. from Highway 193 to the north city limits
North of 3450 N. to the city limits, east of 2000 E.

All fireworks are prohibited east of Highway 89 based on the 2004 CityOrdinance.

A map of restricted areas can be found here.


Fireworks are banned in Traverse Mountain, in all areas North of Timpanogos Highway and along the Dry Creek Corridor from 1200 East to Center Street.


Discharging or using any fireworks are banned within the Milford City Limits with the exception of the 4th and 24th of July. Fireworks may be discharged only on these two days within the designated area at the Pavilion Park and recreation complex area located between 100 West and 300 West and 400 North.


The use of any firework device or open flame shall be prohibited in the following defined
restricted areas:
1. All areas east of Harrison Boulevard from the north city boundary to the south city
2. All wooded areas along the Ogden and Weber River Parkway beginning at Harrison Blvd
and continuing along the pathways to the west City boundary and the south City
boundary. This also includes all associated parks along the River corridor.
3. All of Fort Buenaventura, the City baseball park and dog park area located off of A Ave.
4. The old landfill property located at approx. 2550 A Ave., near Fort Buenaventura.
5. All open fields, vacant lots, wooded areas, and brush covered hillsides throughout the

Park City

Fireworks and open flames have been prohibited in Park City until further notice. 


Due to extreme fire danger and state restrictions that are in place, Parowan will not be allowing fireworks of any kind on the 4th or 24th of July. 



The following parks are permitted for discharge:
Provost Park – 629 S 1000 East
Kiwanis Park – 820 N 1100 East
Sertoma Park – 400 East 2400 N
Exhange Park – 900 N 700 West
Fort Utah Park – 200 N Geneva Rd
Footprinters park – 1150 S 1350 West

Visit to see restricted areas.

Salt Lake County

Click here to see the latest firework restriction map.

Saratoga Springs

If you live within 200’ of ANY undeveloped and urban interface area; this is any area that is
next to the foothills, large areas of undeveloped property, or agriculture fields. ALL
fireworks are banned from use in these areas within 200’ proximity of such property.
If you live within 150’ of an undeveloped lot or property in a residential neighborhood or
area, ALL fireworks are banned from use in these areas within 150’ proximity of such property.

Details here.

Sevier County

South Jordan

Fireworks, lighters, matches or other items and/or devices that produce an open flame are strictly prohibited within the natural vegetation border of the Bingham Creek and Jordan Parkway open space and trail systems, except in picnic areas or with a permit issued from the city.

In addition, the discharge of fireworks are prohibited in the following areas:

  • Within 200 feet of the natural vegetation border of the Bingham Creek and Jordan River Parkway open space and trail systems.
  • Within 25 feet of undeveloped wildland and containing dry vegetation including brush, grasses, weeds, or other combustible vegetation.

St. George 

West Jordan

No fireworks or sparklers can be ignited west of U-111/Bacchus Hwy at all and a few other places in West Jordan. Fireworks that are allowed in restricted areas may only be ignited July 1-7 and July 21-24 this year. You may not ignite fireworks between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.

West Valley

  1. It shall be unlawful to discharge any fireworks within 100 feet of temporary stands, LPG flammable liquid, or gas storage and dispensing units.
  2. It shall be unlawful to discharge any fireworks with in 20 feet of any residence, dwelling or other structure.
  3. It shall be unlawful to discharge any fireworks in any area west of SR-111 in West Valley City.
  4. Except as provided in title 4, it shall be unlawful to discharge any fireworks on property owned by West Valley City.

In addition to the restrictions enacted, the use of fireworks is prohibited in the following locations:

  • Along the Jordan River Parkway, and on any property adjacent to the parkway
  • Along 6400 West from 4700 South to 5400 South, and all properties immediately adjacent to ATK
  • All West Valley City parks and properties
  • Within 100 feet of any of the irrigation canals in the City

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