UTAH (ABC4) – The year is off to a revitalizing start as students prepare themselves for their ‘sweetheart’ dances.

We at ABC4 have gathered a list of Utah school districts that anticipate the return of dances.

  • Beaver School District
  • Box Elder School District
  • Cache School District
  • Emery School District

Initially, school dances were shut down as soon as health officials declared the world under a global pandemic.

As COVID-19 guidelines limit large social gatherings, schools at the time felt it would be best to cancel them altogether.

Back in September 2020, when students became aware of these shutdowns, many decided to take the dances into their own hands, raising concerns from many while also receiving mixed reactions.

“It literally brought tears to my eyes, to actually see my kids interacting with other students and being able to just be normal kids for just a little bit,” shares a parent.

“I think that’s irresponsible, especially when we were told to keep social gatherings to 10 or fewer people,” shares a student.

Months later, students then organized another event for Halloween in Bear River.

A party at Castle Manor took place where about 3,400 people attended, according to a post by one of the planners on social media.

“There is a concern on spreading the virus anytime you get together with anybody and any kind of event has the potential for that’s why It’s all that more important to follow these guidelines strictly,” shares Grant Koford, the environmental health director at the Bear River Health Department.

At that time, Cache County Attorney, James Swink informed the public of a fine of $7,000 to anyone who resists state’s orders.

The event was then labeled as a ‘superspreader’, raising the county’s infection cases significantly.

According to recent stats, Utah’s COVID-19 cases and positivity rate continue to decline when referencing the state’s 7-day rolling average.

And as COVID-19 cases continue to windle down, some school districts anticipate bringing those very dances back to student life.

Tom Hudachko, the communications director for the Utah Department of Health shares, “We are definitely moving in the right direction…But I don’t believe that anybody is ready to declare victory just yet.”