LinkedIn warns users to keep an eye out for fake jobs

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The popular professional networking site LinkedIn is warning users about fake job postings.

Monica Lewis, a spokeswoman at LinkedIn, said there are people who want to mislead job seekers and the company is trying to flag those people’s accounts and shut them down.

The site issued the warning on their website this week.

This comes as Mikayla Williams, a USF student, is dealing with this exact issue.

Williams says she joined LinkedIn because she expects to graduate in December and is starting her job search.

She was stunned when she was approached on LinkedIn from an employer who wanted to hire her. They just wanted her to apply and send in her resume.

The job was for a virtual assistant.

She’d manage corporate schedules, make travel plans and issue invoices.

“I’m thinking OK, it’s LinkedIn, it has to be reliable, I’ll just send them my resume, it’s fine,” Williams said.

She got the job, and then things got weird.

The new boss sent her a check for $3,650.89. She was told to cash it at an ATM only.

She was told $500 would be hers and then she’d receive “order instructions” on how to spend the money for her job duties.

Now, she’s worried that her personal information has been compromised and could be used for identity theft. She’s already receiving strange voicemail messages about accounts she doesn’t have.

LinkedIn recommended job seekers make sure they are talking to who they think they are talking to on the site. Follow up with a phone interview and beware of any job that requires you to buy material or pay fees upfront.

Here is the link to the article at LinkedIn: Staying safe on your job search at LinkedIn

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