Like a Starbucks: CEO previews medical cannabis dispensary opening in Vernal

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – In just 36 days, 14 licensed dispensaries throughout Utah will begin selling cannabis to patients with prescriptions.

One of those facilities will be located in Vernal, operated by a company whose CEO has a very personal connection to medical marijuana.

For years Jordan Lams suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after his 10-year-old sister died of leukemia.

“I wasn’t healthy. I didn’t eat well. I didn’t sleep well and cannabis turned that all around for me,” Lams told ABC4 News. “It brought balance into my life and made me feel like a person again and all I could think about once I found that relief was ‘What could this have done for my sister?’ and if it could have done that for her, what about everyone else out there?”

Those questions led him to start Moxie, a company dedicated to moving cannabis away from Cheech & Chong and toward high quality, pharmaceutical grade products for patients.

“There’s an opportunity to create a brand that would identify with people more than the Jeff Spicoli, green leaves and stoner culture. Normal people wanted something to identify with,” Lams said.

Now Moxie is coming to Vernal where subsidiary company Pure UT will operate a medical cannabis dispensary.

“Ultimately the experience we want to provide is just like a normal shopping experience,” Lams said. “You walk into a normal store that’s going to be merchandised beautifully and you’re going to have excellent customer service. The second you walk through the door, someone’s going to greet you and make you feel welcome just as in the same way as when you walk into a Starbucks…There’s also an opportunity for consultation with the pharmacist so for those that are new to the product, they have the opportunity to ask questions and we believe that’s so important.”

Of course, making money is also important but Lams says the Vernal store, like all Moxie facilities, is more about patients than profits.

“You can see so measurably the value that you’re providing into peoples’ lives,” Lams said. “It’s the most gratifying feeling in the world. I feel humbled every day that I get to be a part of this and like truly it’s my purpose on this planet to be involved.” 

Lams tells ABC4 that because of time involved in growing, processing and packaging cannabis, the variety and inventory may be limited when the dispensary opens on March 1st but he hopes to fill the shelves with products soon after that and he also wants to open a processing facility here in Utah.


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