THANKSGIVING POINT, Utah (ABC4) – A young boy who is color blind was given the gift of seeing color Tuesday at Thanksgiving point.

Mikey, who is 9 years old, is colorblind on the green and red spectrum, but during a visit to the Tulip Festival with his grandparents, they surprised him with a special pair of glasses.

The glasses allow him to see life in color, and the first set of colors he got to see were the rainbows at the festival.

The boy’s grandparents tell ABC4 News, “I have found some glasses which will allow him to see color for the first time. They are a little pricey, but it’s my grandson, and you only have a short time with the young ones, then they grow up, so I jumped in.”

They add that the glasses were created by the company Enchroma out of Berkley, CA.

His parents say they hope the glasses help him understand the world as we see it with a little more color and life.