SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The LGBTQ+ community held a parade after the 4th of July parade in Short Creek near the Arizona/Utah border.

“Independence Day, it’s a big event there for Short Creek because they are very patriotic. Although they don’t have any representation for the LGBTQ+ community there,” says Carol Chatwin with the LGBTQ+ Short Creek Community.

Chatwin says there were LGBTQ+ people in the revolutionary war which helped declare the nation’s Independence Day.

“We requested permission to be in the 4th of July celebration parade, it’s a pretty big deal in that community although they declined us. They told us no,” she says.

Chatwin says its important to represent those revolutionary warriors and others who are in the community afraid to come out.

“A lot of the people in the community are getting harassed, there is hate speech against them, there are threats, there’s physical violence against them, and it is really important for the community to realize its ok to be gay, lesbian, transgender, everything, like love is love.”

Chatwin says the group of roughly 30 people walked in solidarity immediately following the parade between Hildale and Colorado City. Due to safety concerns, Pride marchers had a police escort.