SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – An attorney group representing TRUCE and several other groups sent a letter to state and county officials claiming that House Bill 3001, the Utah Medical Cannabis Act violates federal law. 

In the letter signed by former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, the attorney group claims that enacting the law would force health departments to participate in what constitutes as a “full-service drug cartel.

The letter also states that by requiring those departments to handle the distribution of marijuana, it would place at risk federal grant money that counties and states use to fund health programs.

The letter also calls the replacement bill “an utter waste of precious resources because the law will never-can never-be put into operation.” 

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson released a statement to ABC4, stating she is looking into the  claims:

While we will not be directly joining this lawsuits, I have asked the Salt Lake County Attorney and the County’s Human Services division to look into these concerns. My objective is to move as quickly as possible to address barriers to medical marijuana distribution for those in need. Residents of Salt Lake County are demanding it and those in need are waiting.  I will be actively addressing obstacles whether they are legal or otherwise. 

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