LEHI, Utah (ABC4) – A Lehi police officer received a nasty bite over the weekend when an off-leash dog attacked her while on duty.

The Lehi Police Department says the dog bite left the officer with a deep, bleeding wound on her leg that required stitches to close.

Authorities say there has been a disturbing uptick in dogs running around without a leash while outside in public areas.

Police are reminding the public that letting a dog off-leash while in public is illegal. Activities include during walks, while owners are doing yard work or any other situation involving a public area.

Officials are reminding the public that it remains “unlawful for any domesticated animal to be at large at any time within the corporate limits of the city,” and “The owner or custodian of any domesticated animal which is at large shall be strictly liable for a violation of this section, regardless of the precautions taken to prevent the escape of the animal and regardless of lack of knowledge of the offense at the time it occurs.”

(Courtesy of Lehi Police)