Legacy Parkway restrictions soon expire, what happens next?

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DAVIS COUNTY (ABC4 News)- It’s been 10 years since the Legacy Highway was built, that means the restrictions originally set in place will soon expire.

Currently, the policy does not allow large scale trucks, with five or more axles or 80,000 pounds or greater registered gross vehicle weight are not allowed on the highway. There is also a lower speed limit in place.

Lawmakers are asking the public if they should keep the highway as is, or modify it to accommodate the growing needs of motorists.

“I think it will destroy all of the wildlife and the environment,” Terry Cirillo said Wednesday night during a meeting at Foxboro Elementary School to discuss the future of Legacy Parkway.

“I believe that the environment is crucial the way we have it now and I think it will destroy it if we allow truckers,” the West Bountiful resident said.

Residents who want to keep Legacy Parkway the same packed inside the school’s gymnasium to express their concerns to lawmakers. There was only one Davis County resident in attendance who stood up when asked, ‘who wants Legacy Parkway changed into a traditional highway?’ 

“I don’t think it’s necessarily fair for all of the traffic to be on I-15. The trucks are going to have to go some place. Spreading the traffic out is a positive for people that live close to I-15 like I do,” explained Farmington resident Kyle Mcmullin.

Changes to Legacy Parkway could come in January 2020 unless lawmakers this legislative session extend the agreement.

Before attending Wednesday night’s meeting, Senator Todd Weiler shared his thoughts on Good Morning Utah.

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