UPDATE: 6/29/22 12:01 P.M.

DIXIE NATIONAL FOREST, Utah (ABC4) – Utah Interagency Fire has released new details on the Left Fork Fire on Wednesday.

The fire acreage remains at 4,254 acres, however, containment has increased to 50%.

Fire officials say containment should continue to slowly increase as crews use the moisture from recent storms to suppress the fire. Showers continued to cool off the area, providing a break in fire behavior for the crews around most of the perimeter.

(Courtesy of Utah Interagency Fire)

Cloud cover has been fairly consistent over the fire as well, according to Utah Interagency Fire. Officials say despite the recent precipitation, fuels remain “critically dry,” causing fire managers to take extra caution to assure these heat sources do not spot across the current fire edge.

An Unmanned Air System (UAS) is being successfully utilized in identifying hot spots, as the close proximity infrared machine helps firefighters locate heat sources so they can extinguish them.

UPDATE: 6/27/22 2:17 P.M.

DIXIE NATIONAL FOREST, Utah (ABC4) – Utah Interagency Fire has released new details on the Left Fork Fire on Monday.

The fire acreage has reportedly lessened to 4,254 acres, as containment increased to 13%.

Fire officials say as containment slowly starts to increase, crews are focusing on reducing areas that still retain heat. With the erratic winds that occur in the area, firefighters are reportedly focusing on areas with spotting potential.

According to a press release from Utah Interagency Fire, water is being shuttled to the firefighters on different portions of the perimeter to assist them in the process.

(Courtesy of Utah Interagency Fire)

Saw work and falling trees continues as well, officials say, to “minimize the hazardous trees in the area.”

Crews will reportedly thin vegetation, and chippers are being brought in to disperse the fuel loading.

Fire officials say the western portion of the fire still contains the most heat, with “timber stringers that are receptible to burning.”

Fire managers believe they will have had the entire perimeter assessed by the end of the shift Monday.

The Structure Protection group will reportedly finish their assessment and provide the findings to local fire managers and Bryce Woodlands Homeowners Association, informing the community to take action to help make their homes defensible for future incidents.

ORIGINAL STORY: 6/25/22 11:42 A.M.

DIXIE NATIONAL FOREST, Utah (ABC4) – Utah Interagency Fire has released new details on the Left Fork Fire on Saturday.

The fire has reportedly grown to 4,259 acres, and is at 5% containment.

Additionally, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office has lifted the Bryce Woodland Estates evacuation as of Saturday.

“At the recommendation of Fire Managers of the Left Fork Fire, the Kane County Sheriff will lift evacuations of the Bryce Woodlands Estates at 8 a.m. on June 25, 2022. The closure will remain in place and manned by a Deputy until 8 a.m., at which time the roadblock will be removed and residents will be allowed back in. After that time, the road will move to a soft closure, and will not be blocked or manned by the Sheriff’s office.”

Fire officials say monsoonal moisture moved through the fire in the 48 hours leading up to Saturday. The moisture reportedly slowed the fire enough to allow firefighters to “go more direct” along the perimeter.

There is a chance of afternoon showers again on Saturday, and Fire Managers believe the weather will greatly assist with increasing containment over the fire area.

Fire behavior was minimal, officials say, with less active flames and decreased wind-driven runs. The northern end of the fire has reportedly been susceptible to a direct attack strategy, except where heavy fuels dictate.

The southern end continues to make progress with containment strategies, with small amounts of heat present from the perimeter.

The western and northwestern flank have slowed significantly, fire officials say. Despite having having “good contingency indirect handlines and dozer lines,” there is reportedly still potential to push west if the winds pick up again.

(Courtesy of Utah Interagency Fire)

While the weather is cooperative, crews are working along the perimeter of the fire to slow progression. Some smoke had settled in the Bryce Woodlands Estates, but officials say that should clear out as the inversion lifts.